Love Honor and Respect

I love you both and wish you great happiness, may this serve to remind you to Love, Honor, and Respect each other and to find Joy, Passion, and Laughter in every day life!

Elissa Beach


The best gift you can give your partner is to respect them and let them be all they can be. Most people believe Love is the most important factor in a marriage, however I disagree, I believe the most important thing in a relationship is respect for one another.

Show your loved one respect in all things, respect for their opinion, their wisdom, their judgment and who they are as a person. Remember that you married them because you value their judgment. As you walk down this road we call life - you will come to many forks and intersections, remember that their view of the world is valuable to the decision making. Listen to what your partner has to offer and honor that wisdom. Know that you now have someone who you can trust. When you argue about something - ah yes - it can happen. But when you do argue, take a minute to remember that the other persons' opinion is one you value and perhaps the answer is somewhere between your idea and their idea. Most importantly, find a way to respect both opinions.

Please do not overlook the importance of kindness, treat your loved ones with kindness, remember that you often find it easier to hurt the one you love. But the fact is, you should treat the one you love KINDER than you would a stranger. I always thought the two most important words in relationship were "Yes Dear" and they are important. I had second thoughts when Peggy, one of my favorite new Brides, told me that the two most important words are "Please and Thank you" - oops, that's three and I have to agree!

It has been said that you should always be kind to strangers, because they could be an angel in disguise. Respect the one beside you and treat them well, because they could be your angel on earth.

Ah love, what needs to be said about love? So much is said today and has always been said about love. The circle of love is created by giving and receiving, these two people are committed to each other and to the full art of giving and receiving love, I could not ask for more for them. To them I say, nourish and treasure this love, because love is such a valuable and fragile gift. Not one to squander or "take for granted", a gift that without the full circle of giving and receiving would wilt like a beautiful flower without water. They say that love endures, but it is harder for it to last in an environment that does not include respect, honor and kindness.

The English language is so limited when it comes to the word love - the Inuit have over one hundred words for "snow". Yet, the meaning for the English word LOVE is so limited and love is so broad. It is not surprising that we mis-communicate on this subject.

We never know when love will strike us - sometimes it sneaks up on us over the years and sometimes it hits us suddenly, any way it comes, it is a gift. When combined with respect and kindness, it can last for ever.

We have heard of honor thy Mother and Father, we need to honor the one we love and trust to stand beside for the rest of our lives. Honor them by allowing them to be the best person they can be, by supporting their passion for life, by being there when they need someone.

Trust is a big part of honor, with love, honor, and respect there needs to be trust for your loved ones. Trust that they always have your best interest at heart, right next to their own best interest.

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